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TASQ works

TASQ uses the NIKA algorithm. NIKA is based on the theory of William Marston, adapted to the requirements of network marketing, which divides human behavior into four types: dominance, stability, influence, and consistency (D.I.S.C.).

For effective sales and recruiting, it is important to consider the motivation and language of each of these types

The TASQ is unique because the service automatically determines the customer's behavior model and explains the value of your offer in their language.

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Psychotype defined



TASQ implementation step-by-step plan

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Still in doubt? Check out our cases.

Case of Anton Gritsai: «Revenue growth of 33% in the first week after implementation»



The system analyzes the behavior of clients and distributes them into «folders» depending on the psychotype.


Then the person gets to the auto-webinar. The content on the webinar takes into account their motivation and values.


TASQ monitors at what minute the client left the webinar and sends it to the chatbot to remove the remaining objections.



Twice the conversion rate at each stage of the sale

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Learn more about the benefits of the service

What do you get when buying TASQ

5 built-in features that automate and boost sales


Landing page

bring clients

One-page websites tailored for different target audiences: from mothers on maternity leave to entrepreneurs.

landing pages for different audiences

Business Navigator

teach how to build teams

The Business Navigator consists of video tutorials that explain step by step how to build a team.

  • The system gives tasks and instructions
  • Rewards with bonuses for completing tasks (gamifying the learning process)
  • Provides ready-made sales scripts
  • Teaches your team to negotiate

Built-in CRM

will help to close more deals

In CRM, daily tasks from the business navigator are decomposed into understandable steps. Organizing your work this way makes it easier to duplicate your team and helps you close more deals.

  • Thanks to CRM, you know on which stage of the deal your client is now and what to do next.
  • What are the client's interests and psychotype
  • What did you talk to them about 2 months ago


will automatically lead the client to the deal

The chatbot will automatically guide the customer through the sales funnel and close the deal.



more and more effective every day

  • Determines the client's psychotype
  • Directs to a suitable auto-webinar with a proposal of your product
  • Will report every action or inaction of the client
  • Advice on how to react to their behavior to close a deal
  • Analyze successful deals and get better at closing

Adaptation for your project. TASQ will become your branded service.

Seamless transition

Re-authorization is not required when switching from your company's personal account to the dashboard of the automation system.

* Requires API on your side

Your domain

Transfer of the platform for managing personal accounts of users to the domain of your team.

бесшовный переход
ваш домен

Your logo in user accounts.

Regular system updates.


Providing round-the-clock operation of servers and services 365 days a year.


Up to 40% of subscription payments for distribution to the network are yours.


Full technical and marketing support. Recommendations for creating sales funnels, auto funnels, webinars, etc.

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